How to Deal With the Emotional Challenges of Infertility

How to Deal With the Emotional Challenges of Infertility

Infertility is something that all too many women are aware of because having a child is considered one of the most natural and instinctive desires that a woman can ever have. Thus, when one is unable to have children, this creates a platform for extreme frustration for the women who face it. Due to the discomfort of the situation, many women are afraid to seek assistance with their condition, and furthermore, when they do seek assistance, they are made to feel inadequate. This sometimes causes women to face infertility to feel worst about themselves than they had before. So where does a woman who is experiencing infertility turn? Hopefully, these are a few steps that can be utilized in order to assist women who are facing infertility, in hopes that they may have the peace of mind that they deserve.

Infertility is something that happens to many women in their childbearing years. Hence, if you are facing it, there is no reason to assume that you are alone in your concerns. Keep in mind that when both partners are completely healthy, meaning that neither party has problems with fertility, there is a 25% chance of conceiving per cycle. Hence, even the most minor fertility challenge could have a major impact on one’s conception rate. The important thing, then, to remember is that infertility is common, and in many instances, treatable, but you have to have an open mind.

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is one avenue that women can utilize to assist with their infertility. I’m not a medical doctor so I’m not going to misinform you by providing you medical advice, but I do want to shed light on the reality that these services do exist and are often effective. With just a little bit of effort, you can contact either an Obstetrician and Gynecologist (OB-GYN) or a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE). Both of these doctors specialize in women’s health and fertility treatments. If there is a medical intervention that could help you, these would certainly be the doctors to consult with. If you are not comfortable with utilizing Western Medicine, feel free to contact an Acupuncturist or Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in infertility. The research indicates that these methods used either individually or coupled with Western Medicine can work wonders for women experiencing infertility.

One thing that many women who are experiencing infertility encounters are chronic worry about their future fertility. Wondering about whether or not you ovulate, wondering when you will menstruate, and the two-week wait after “scheduled sex” or ART, are but a few of the many factors that women worry about while facing infertility. If that alone would make you fertile, then most women would conceive during that time. However, the reality of it, is that worrying about infertility just does not help you to conceive. Hence, while undergoing the discomfort that infertility can pose, try to do other things, like developing a hobby, learn and/or re-engage yourself in a craft, or focus more on your job, relationship, or other positive life domains. You will find that if you are able to find meaning in other areas of your life, the discomfort associated with infertility will be less difficult.

Another problem that many women face is adhering to other people’s expectations of their fertility. This becomes particularly pronounced when they admit that they are trying to get pregnant, have informed someone of their reproductive cycle, or they reached a certain age without having children (roughly 35). To overcome challenges from the expectations of others, limit your disclosure! The only people who need to know about your decisions and position regarding your fertility is you, your partner, and whatever medical assistance you seek to obtain in the process. You do not have to disclose anything extra!

Lastly, support groups have been critical for assisting women with managing the complications of infertility. Many groups can be found with a simple internet search. (On-line support groups also exist). If you don’t find one, however, do not be afraid to start one yourself. By creating a simple advertisement via a “meet up” organization or newspaper, you will likely find many other women like yourself who are facing infertility. And last but certainly not least, you can always seek professional counseling from a psychotherapist that specializes in infertility. Infertility is not a desirable place to be, but you don’t have to be completely helpless, miserable, or alone during its presence.

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